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Advantix Dog xLarge

Advantix Dog xLarge


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Suitable for large dogs over 25kg
Kills fleas, ticks, and other flying and biting insects before they get a chance to harm your dog.
Not for use in Cats. Do not apply to cats or animals other than dogs. Do not permit cats to actively groom or have close physical contact with a recently treated dog. If applied to a cat or ingested by a cat this product may have serious harmful effects.
Product Description

Designed exclusively for dogs, Advantix is a spot-on treatment that kills and repels deadly ticks before they have a chance to bite your dog. It protects against fleas and other flying, biting insects. A single adult Paralysis tick can paralyse or worse; kill your dog. Advantix repels and kills these deadly parasites (For Paralysis Tick control Advantix for Dogs must be applied every 2 weeks). Advantix repels and kills Brown Dog ticks and Bush ticks, which can develop into an overwhelming problem in your dog's surroundings - even in your house. Advantix kills fleas fast; it stops fleas feeding within 3-5 minutes contact, Within 12 hours of application, 98-100% of the fleas on your dog will be dead. Advantix repels and kills mosquitoes and sandflies. Dogs can also suffer from mosquito and sand fly bites causing intense itching and scratching. Mosquitoes also have the potential to spread heartworm, infecting dogs as they feed. Advantix repels and kills stable flies. Stable flies leave painful bites, often drawing blood as they feed most notably around dogs ears.

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